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Kungo Rock Investment Ltd. is a leading indigenous provider of Air and Sea Cargo Services. Since 1995, our freight forwarding service has gradually amassed reputation...


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Capital Links [London]
All Trade Post [Lomdon]

Blue Bird Express [London]
Globe Flight Worldwide Express [S/Africa]
Pinaj Logistics [USA]

Touch Down Freight Inc [USA]
AXIOM Airlines


Kungo Rock Investment, committed to qualitative, highly professional and secured freight forwarding services.offers 'business made easy' for companies that deal in international and multi-national import and export.. Using the adequate materials, processes and handling techniques to accommodate and protect your product as needed, it is guaranteed that your product will get to the proper destination on or before an agreed date.

KungoRock is a culmination of years of hard work, dedication and efficiency, negotiating the best possible price to move the product along the most economical route by working out various bids and choosing the one that best balances speed, cost and reliability. We are passionate about what we do and act promptly to achieve our goals Given the vast storehouse of experience, customers can expect outstanding services from KungoRock. You sure can’t be more satisfied elsewhere. Doing business with us, you can sleep with both eyes closed.